BITSAT Online Test Series 2020

Get 10 Full Length Mock Tests for BITSAT 2020 with the Most Detailed Report Card, Exact Same Interface as BITSAT and Bonus Questions. Now get your dream score.

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Features of the Test Analysis Report

Why it is special and better than the rest? What will you get in the report?

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Cutoff Score
BITS Pilani Cutoff Score
Perfect, Wasted, Overtime & Confused Attempts
Where did you spend your time with accuracy
Time Travel - How you fared in the exam after every 30 minute interval
Questions that hurt you the most
Subject Movement - How many times you jumped the subjects
Missed Concepts - Concepts you got wrong
Subject wise Analysis

More Features

Crack BITSAT 2020 with India's one of the best online test series.

10 Full Syllabus Tests

Difficulty & Pattern of questions relevant to BITSAT

Platform similar to BITSAT

Give tests on a platform which is exactly similar to BITSAT's platform

Bonus Questions

Get 12 bonus questions just like official BITSAT paper

Solutions & Analysis

Review your performance with detailed solutions and analysis


Find where you stand among other students on a national level

Tests Schedule

Here's the full schedule of the tests. If you miss a test, you will still be able to access it later.

No. Test Name Syllabus Date
01 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 01 Full Syllabus 12 April 2020
02 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 02 Full Syllabus 15 April 2020
03 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 03 Full Syllabus 18 April 2020
04 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 04 Full Syllabus 21 April 2020
05 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 05 Full Syllabus 24 April 2020
06 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 06 Full Syllabus 27 April 2020
07 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 07 Full Syllabus 30 April 2020
08 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 08 Full Syllabus 3 May 2020
09 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 09 Full Syllabus 6 May 2020
10 BITSAT 2020 Full Test 10 Full Syllabus 9 May 2020

The schedule is tentative. Any changes will be notified to registered students.

bitsat platform

Platform Features

Experience the final day test environment with our platform which is exactly similar to BITSAT's official test platform.

  • Similar to BITSAT's interface
  • Accessible on an all devices
  • Get bonus questions just like BITSAT Paper
  • Leaderboard


10 Full Tests
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by students.
If you can't find an answer for your query here, feel free to contact us.

How many tests will I get and what is the schedule?
You will get 10 full syllabus BITSAT 2020 tests. Click here to get the schedule of tests: Schedule
Are the 12 bonus questions included?
Yes, bonus questions are included. We are one of those few platforms to provide this feature. If you attempt all the questions within the time limit of the paper, you will get a chance to attempt 12 bonus questions just like in the final paper.
What is meant by the exact same interface as BITSAT?
The interface (the page) on which you will take the test has been designed according to the official BITSAT interface meaning everything like the buttons etc will look exactly similar to the ones you will get on the final day paper. This is done so that you get comfortable for the D-Day.
You can attempt a test according to your own convenience till the validity of the test series once it has been uploaded on the platform according to the schedule.
What is the pattern and difficulty level of the questions?
The tests have been created according to the latest syllabus and pattern of BITSAT and the difficulty level is very similar to the questions which you can expect in the final paper.
Can I take the tests on mobile or tablet?
Yes, you can take the tests on any device like mobile, tablet or computer. You simply need a web browser like Google Chrome and an active internet connection. For better experience though, it is recommended that you use a desktop/laptop because that's where you will attempt the final paper.
What is the price?
The price of the BITSAT Test Series is INR 2000.
What is the validity?
The test series is valid till the last paper of BITSAT 2020 (whenever it commence).
Can I give the tests inside the MathonGo app?
No. The test series won't run inside the MathonGo app.
Can I take a test twice?
No. You can't take a test twice.

Have any queries? You can contact us through Email.